Write a short note on the restoration Period.

Introduction: The restoration period (1660-1770) is one of the most important periods in the history of English Literature because English literary tradition had been restored in this period with the restoration of the monarchy. 

Historical Background: In the Commonwealth Period (1649-1660), after the death of Charles I, Oliver Cromwell who was the puritan leader, came to the power. Then Charles II, Son of Charles I, fled to France. After the death of Richard Cromwell, people again wan to Monarchy in England which is why they brought Charles II and made him king of England on May 29, 1660. He stayed in power till his death in 1685. Then James II, another son of Charles I, took the throne but he was catholic which is why many Protestants wanted to destroy him. So in 1688, there was the Glorious Revolution against James II but he escaped to France. Then the throne had been given to William III, son-in-law of James II. 

Features of this period: 

  • Acute Puritanism. 
  • Prose and Reason. 
  • Satire and Criticism. 
  • Evaluation of upper Class. 
  • Neglecting Common People. 

Contribution of this Period: 

  • Paradise Lost (1667), Paradise Regained (1671) by John Milton. 
  • All for Love (1778), Absalom and Achitophel (1681) by John Dryden. 
  • Oroonoko (1688) by Aphra Behn. 
  • The Way of the World (1700), Love for Love (1695) by William Congreve. 

Conclusion: We can say that the restoration period is an exceptional period because it has a great contribution to the history of English literature. It changed the character of the English People. 

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