Significance of Caesar’s dying words “Et tu Brute

“Et tu Brute?” A common phrase to people. This is disrupted when they are betrayed by someone they didn’t expect. We know that Caesar is the best friend of Brutus. But he joined to murder Caesar. After murdering Caesar, he cannot sleep. He is broken by a bitter conflict. Then he tries to justify Caesar’s murder. 

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He killed only Caesar for the welfare of the people. He says that if Caesar is the king, the people of Rome will be lost their happiness and peace. So, he killed Caesar for the purpose of the general welfare of Rome. 

Casca strikes the first dagger blow at the back of Caesar’s neck. He blows his aim through excitement, but the others press in and repeatedly stab Caesar. At that time, Caesar sees Brutus with them, who stops to resist and takes the blows. As Brutus attacks him, he utters his last words, “Et tu Brute?”.  

By this phrase, Caesar means to say that Brutus, you are my best friend, but how is it possible to do this? They may kill me, but at least you will save me. 

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