Significance of Munira’s phrase A new earth, another world

Introduction: In ‘Petals of Blood’ is a novel written by Ngugi Wa Thiong’o (1938- present. Godfrey Munira is a school teacher who runs a school for the children of Ilmorog. He lost his virginity in his youth. He is one of the major four characters of the novel who is arrested by police for the connection to the murder of three influential businesses man Mzigo, Chui, and Kimeria.

The significance of Munira’s phrase “A new earth, another world” 

“A new earth, another world” is what Munira wrote in his diary. By this phrase, Munira explains to Inspector Godfrey that he has found God. Earlier Munira was deeply obsessed with Wanja. His only goal was to be close to her. When he failed to do so, he started to drink Theng’eta, a form of alcoholism. After that, he lived a life of alcoholism. Again, he creates an affair with Lillian to make Wanza jealous but she doesn’t budge at all. At that point, his relationship with Lillian ended. One day he saw Lilian on the street to a group of people praising him. Seeing this changed Munira’s mind. He stopped drinking thengeta and led a religious life trying to find God. He tries to persuade Karega, Wanja, and Abdullah to follow the path of God.

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