Sketch the Character of Troilus

Troilus is the cheap protagonist in the poem Troilus and Criseyde discuss.

Or, sketch the character of Troilus.

Introduction: Troilus is the protagonist of the poem ‘Troilus and Criseyde’ by Geoffrey Chaucer (1340-1400). Chaucer reveals his art of characterization through Troilus and Criseyde. As a protagonist of the poem, Chaucer represents Troilus as a virtuous, faithful, self-sacrificing lover. He is a Trojan prince, warrior, and son of King Priam. Though his strong personality is shown in the very beginning gradually his transformation leads him to terrible suffering. From the light of Chaucer in the poem ‘Troilus and Criseyde ‘, the characteristics of Troilus is being exposed.

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  1. Troilus as a mocker of love

In the very beginning of the poem “Troilus and Criseyde”, we find that Troilus was not interested in women. He had no faith in love. Chaucer presents himself as a manly young knight. He had no weakness. Even he was mocking his knights when they develop feelings for women. Troilus is above that type of behavior. Troilus was very proud of his respectable and authoritative position. He is often compared to his older brother, Hector, Troy’s hero. Chaucer rightly remarks,

Beholding ay the ladies of the town,

Now here, now there; for no devocioun

  • Embodiment of an innocent young lover

As Troilus showed his strong personality about love and woman, he is struck by Cupid and falls instantly in love with Criseyde. From here, he becomes single-mindedly focused on winning her over as his lady. Troilus’s inexplicable love for Criseyde transforms and humbles him, influencing him to become a more chivalrous, honorable, and mature man who realizes the true value of love as a divine force. Troilus was portrayed as the embodiment of an innocent young lover betrayed by a fickle girl who abandoned him for the Greek hero Diomedes.

  • Humble and religious

From the beginning till his death Troilus was humble and religious. He respected his elders like Gods. He amused himself with friends in different activities. He fought bravely on the battlefield without caring about danger. He respected women. He had little attention for women and love. He was enjoying his free life. He did not abandon old customs of worshipping their Gods. Accompanied by other knights Troilus attended the ceremony in April.

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  • Chivalrous, Brave, and valiant warrior

As a Trojan prince, Troilus preserved all the qualities that he should have. He was a brave and valiant warrior. People sometimes compare him with his elder brother Hector. He is presented as a knight of the Trojan soldiers, who fought bravely. When Criseyde, a young widow of surprising beauty needed the security of life in the city of Troy, utilizes the weakness of Troilus’s blind love. She knows that Troilus is a brave and valiant warrior. He can protect her. So she expresses her false feelings of love toward Troilus.

  • Troilus as a Loyal, patriotic and ideal knight

Troilus is described as an ideal knight and a Patriotic personality in the poem Troilus and Criseyde. He is the embodiment of true Patriotism. He is fighting for his country from the attack of the Greeks. Anyhow he wants Victory over the Greeks. So he did not pay any attention to the girls or sexual pleasure. Rather he mocked the knights who showed their attraction to women and love. His only goal was to win over the Greeks. He loved his country more than his life or anything. So Hector gave him the title of most obedient Trojan Knight.

  • Man of extreme emotion and lovesickness

Troilus struggles with extreme emotions and lovesickness throughout the poem, ‘Troilus and Criseyde’. He becomes strongly addicted to Criseyde. Criseyde went back to the Greek camp and forgot Troilus. She made a relationship with Diomedes for her safety never thinking about Troilus. After being betrayed by Criseyde Troilus becomes totally shattered. He dreamt one night that a boar had tightly enfolded Criseyde in his arms and she was frequently kissing him. Here Troilus’s tragedy came to an end.  After that, he never tried to be strong but broke down out and out. He wrote many letters urging her return and Criseyde also answered showing equal sympathy for him. In the meantime, Troilus found the brooch he gave to Criseyde as a token of his love on the coat of Diomedes. Finally, Troilus lost his last hope of love and life.

Conclusion: Everything is subject to change. The love of Troilus changes him and brings his ultimate doom. Ultimately it is left up to the reader to decide if Troilus is a hero or fool; if his actions are motivated by true love or utter madness.  Chaucer breaking the qualities of an Aristotelian tragic hero established Troilus as an unconscious and passionate tragic hero who embraces his fate without complaining.

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