What do you know about Sophia Western?

What do you know about Sophia Western?

Introduction: “Tom Jones” (1749) is a well-known novel in English literature. This novel is written by Henry Fielding (1707 – 1754). This novel is considered the mirror of the Fielding’s age. The story of this novel sees Sophia when she is eighteen years old.

Parentage: Sophia Western was the only daughter of Squire Western. She lost her mother as a child. Squire Western loved his only daughter so much that nothing in the world could compare to Sophia. Sophia also loved her father as the best father in the world.

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Beautiful and gentle: Sophia was extremely beautiful and adorned with all the charms of nature. She was not only physically beautiful but also gentle and noble. According to the author, Sophia was bedecked with youth’s sprightliness, innocence, modesty, and tenderness. She was always breathing sweetness from her rosy lips. The brightness came out from her sparkling eyes. 

Educated: Her mind was in every way equal to her person. Sophia was educated properly under the proper guidance of an aunt who was a sophisticated lady of good discretion. Sophia was well-bred and well-behaved with the instruction of a good tutor.

Passionate lover: Sophia was a passionate lover who left the luxurious life in her father’s house in search of her lover, Tom Jones and suffers a lot for the sake of love.

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Conclusion: The heroine Sophia plays the most important role in the construction of the plot. She is a very soft-hearted lady who faints to see the blood on Tom’s face. The whole story revolves around Tom Jones and Sophia Western. 

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