Summary of King Lear

Summary of King Lear

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

King Lear, a tragic play by William Shakespeare, opens with King Lear, the old lord of Britain, choosing to resign and split his realm between his three daughters: Regan, Goneril, and Cordelia. Before parting his kingdom, Lear tells his daughters to express the depth of their love for him. Regan and Goneril, Lear’s eldest daughters, express their pretentious love for their father at the top, and eventually, egotistical Lear is delighted.

Summary of King Lear

Lear’s youngest and most adored daughter Cordelia adopts an alternate strategy. She clarifies that she can never put the genuine profundity of her adoration for her dad into words. Lear doesn’t get what she is attempting to say, and angrily, Lear abrogates Cordelia from his kingdom. At this moment, among the suitors of Cordelia presented in the courtroom of King Lear, The King of France turns to Cordelia being impressed by her virtue. Without any dowry, he marries Cordelia and leaves Britain. Lear is now with his two scheming daughters. Learn additionally exiles his companion, the Earl of Kent, for openly supporting Cordelia.

King Lear: Bangla Summary

After this wrong decision, Lear remains happy for a very short time because Goneril and Regan cheat Lear and they reject Lear and throw him from the palace and it shakes his heart of Lear. Being expelled from the palace by his scheming daughters, Lear wanders the countryside with his Fool and Kent. Kent stays faithful to the King, who ousted him, and Kent is travelling with Lear in camouflage. While roaming among the common citizens, Lear begins to have a change of heart as he realizes for the first time that there is a wide and unjust gap between the nobles and the commoners.

Meanwhile, Gloucester is one of Lear’s noblemen whose situation is remarkably like Lear. Gloucester has a loyal son, Edgar, and a treacherous son, Edmund. Edmund cheats Gloucester with a forged letter and makes him think Edgar plans to usurp his estate. Edmund arranges a fake attack on him by Edgar, for which Gloucester disinherits Edgar and proclaims him an outlaw. After that, Edgar adopts false madness and hides in the countryside to save his life and to help his father and Lear.

Now, Gloucester understands what Lear’s daughters have done to their father. he tries to help Lear, but Regan and her cruel husband Cornwall catch him. And Gloucester has been blinded by Regan and Cornwall. In this way, the suffering of Gloucester gets started like King Lear because Lear is now mad and Gloucester is now blind.

However, Cordelia is informed of the sufferings of her father and she eventually returns to Britain with a French army to rescue her father and bring him back to power. Still, this one glimmer of hope gets failed. In Dover, the British army, led by the wicked Edmund, quickly ends the brief war and subdues the French forces. Cordelia and Lear are both captured by British forces, although the two are able to reconnect with each other while in captivity. While in prison with Cordelia, Lear realizes the true level of Cordelia’s love for him and the depth of the mistakes he made, and thus Lear resolves to become a better person.

The final scene of the play brings all the conspiracies to light and in this, the death of all major characters happens. Albany, Goneril’s husband, has got a letter that Goneril writes to Edmund. The letter urges Edmund to kill Albany so that Goneril and Edmund can rule Britain together. Knowing this conspiracy, Albany challenges Edmund to a fight, Edmund accepts Albany’s challenge but instead of Albany, Edgar fights with Edmund and kills him.

On the other hand, Goneril kills Regan by poisoning them because of jealousy since Regan and Edmund are engaged in an illicit love affair and then kills herself because she fears being caught for all her treachery. Blind Gloucester has also died to his great joy after learning that his son Edgar plans to fight to restore the family honour. Cordelia has been killed because of the death sentence fixed by Edmund, and Lear dies of sorrow because of Cordelia’s death. In the end, Albany suggests that Kent and Edgar will share the rule with him. Edgar agrees, but Kent refuses, indicating that he will no longer be alive because his master, Lear, has died.

The moral: Blind decision brings about havoc.

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