Symbolic significance of D.H.C

D H C or Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning is one of the influential Characters in Brave New World. He presides over the organization into which every citizen of society is born and raised. His real name is Thomas “Tomakin” Grahambell. He is an Alpha male who runs the Central London Hatchery. He occupies an important position in the brave new world.  

Their Mistake of Tomakin develops the plot  

 Twenty years ago, Tomakin visited the Savage Reservation with Linda. But Tomakin has been detached from her during a storm. Linda fell from a mountain and was badly injured. Somehow, she was saved by the Indians. Tomakin thought that Linda has died. So, he returns to World State. But Linda conceives John. There was no abortion system in the Savage Reservation. So, she gives birth to John. Thus, Tomakin helps to develop the plot.  

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Creator of social distinction  

The Director of the world state is directly responsible for creating a class distinction. He controls the world state according to his wish. Humans are being produced in test tubes. From there different classes are created like Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon. Alpha and Beta are upper classes and they are produced to rule in the future. But the rest of the three are lower classes. They are produced through the Bokanovsky process. It is a process by which a large number of similar twins are hatched at the rate of ninety-six per egg by budding. We find Tomakin to say,  

“Bokanovsky’s process is one of the major instruments of social stability.” 

   Through the character of Tomakin, the tendency of social discrimination is also indicated.  

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 A man of traditional figure  

Tomakin is a man of the conventional figure. He never wants to reveal true human nature. People are dishonest and hypothetical. For the enrichment of hatcheries and conditioning, the world structure has been developed but the condition of people has not been developed. Actually, in this mental situation, he is regarded as a man of the traditional figure.  

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A threatening figure  

Tomakin is a threatening figure who tries to resist Bernard to go to Savage Reservation.  when Bernard returns from the Reservation with Linda and John, the shameful deed of Tomakin is exposed. Then, Tomakin becomes so much furious. He resigns from his position. He becomes the enemy of Bernard. Later on, with the help of Mustafa Mond, he exiles Bernard for his blunder. Though Bernard pardons his forgiveness it goes in vain.  

Thus, Tomakin is very important for the development of the novel. His visit to Savage Reservation, Linda’s conception of John, and his biological foundation in world state organize different plot foundations. So, it is quite clear that Tomakin’s activities developed the plot of the novel Brave New World. 

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