The causes of the rising Puritan age

The causes of the rising Puritan age

Question: What are the causes of the rising Puritan age?


Protestantism is a religious doctrine against papal authority and the supporters of this doctrine are called Protestants. They were divided into three parts strictly like Anglicans, Presbyterians, and Puritans after the death of Queen Elizabeth I in 1603. So puritanism is one of the branches of Protestantism. A combination of causes led to the raise puritan age and its practical success during the reigns of James I and Charles I.

Uncompromising spirit of the puritans

During the reign of James I, the uncompromising spirit of the Puritan party spread steadily among the middle classes, but the fast-growing flippancy or lack of respect of the upper classes towards the middle and lower classes greatly increased its moral and social influence.

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The high-handed policy

The high-handed policy of James I and his determination to implement the policy precipitated o created a fierce conflict within the religious world and brought all the enemies of episcopacy (senior member of Christian clergy or Bishops) into a line to prevent the policy of James I. Thus Puritan age came into the fire.

Violation of limit

Then comes the monstrous encroachment (violation of limit) of Charles I upon the rights of the commons and the constitutional privileges of English people. This made the puritans intolerant of earthly tyranny in any form. Thus puritanism emerged as a national power.


It is transparent that because of flippancy, the encroachment of the ruler, and tyranny puritanism became a political as well as moral religious force and the great custodian and defender jeopardized or endangered liberties.

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