The character of the Clergyman depicted by Steele

The character of the Clergyman depicted by Steele

Question: How does Steele portray the character of the Clergyman?


Richard Steele (1672- 1729) is the is the literary collaborator of the daily magazine ” The Spectator” that lasted in 1711-1712 in England. The Clergyman was one of the important spokesmen of contemporary England and the final member of Spectator’s Club. If we evaluate the character of the Clergyman, we can get some features of the Clergyman.

The features of the Clergyman

The feature is the outer appearance by which a person or an object is evaluated.

An anonymous person

The Clergyman was the final member of Steele’s ”Spectator’s Club”. He was an anonymous person. Steele did not want to express the name of the Clergyman.

Religious person

Steele’s character, the Clergyman, was a religious person and a learned person. Although the Clergyman was a religious person, he hardly discussed the religious topic. He had a large number of devoted followers for his character.  He was not a regular member of the Spectator’s Club.

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Philosophic person

The Clergyman was a philosophic person. Sometimes he discussed some philosophic matter. The subject of his discussion was more philosophic than the other member of the club.

Interested in worldly affairs

The Clergyman is usually a religious person. But the Clergyman is a little bit different in his character. Sometimes he has shown his interest in worldly matters. so, we can say that the clergyman wanted to connect with the earthly world.

A devoted aspirant to the next world

If we minutely observe the character of the clergyman, we can notice that he had a great attraction to overcome the world hereafter. Steele has upheld the clergyman by representing the contemporary young clergyman.


From the light of the above discussion, we may conclude that Richard Steele has beautifully portrayed the character of the clergyman as a spokesman of the contemporary young clergyman.

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