The conflict between husband and wife in Home Burial

 Home Burial,” first published in 1914, is one of Robert Frost‘s (1874-1963) longest poems. Written in blank verse and mostly in dialogue, the poem focuses on the danger and pain of miscommunication.  

In the poem “Home Burial,” Robert Frost captures the conflicts caused by non-communication and misunderstanding between a husband and wife upon the death of their first and only child. Their battle is partly rooted in the husband’s selfishness, revealed by his insensitivity, narrow-mindedness, and pride

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The poem exemplifies person against nature, the person against self, and a person against person conflicts while narrating an emotional struggle between two people handling grief in their own way. “Home Burial” revolves around a husband and wife whose child had recently died some time ago, something they both had coped with differently once their firstborn was buried.   

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To sum up, “Home Burial” is about grief and grieving, but most of all, it seems to be about the breakdown and limits of communication. The husband and the wife represent two very different ways of grieving. The wife’s grief infuses every part of her and does not wane with time.  

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