The consolidation of imperialism

The consolidation of imperialism

Question: What do you mean by the consolidation of imperialism?


Imperialism is the process of expanding European overseas territories. To put it differently, it is the process of domination over weaker nations by powerful hypocrite nations. The whole process of imperialism is based on the consolidation of imperialism which is transparently coined out by Edward Said in literature.

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Consolidation of imperialism

The consolidation of imperialism was the procedure of building armies based on conscription, compulsory schooling, and the use of imperialism as a means of deflecting internal discontent and strengthening loyalties to the nation. To make easy the term ‘consolidation of imperialism’, Said discovers the two-fold meanings of culture that help the imperialists by focusing on the following aspects of culture:

  1. Fragile culture of the natives
  2. Ethical power of culture
  3. Literature as an institution of culture


Thus, the term consolidation of imperialism is a venture of permanent domination in the legalized process.

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