The contribution of Sir Thomas More

The contribution of Sir Thomas More

Question: What is the contribution of Sir Thomas More?


Sir Thomas More (1478-1535) was one of the humanists in the history of English literature. He was famous for his “Utopia or Kingdom of Nowhere” originally written in the Latin language in 1516 but was translated into English in 1561.

Contribution of Thomas More

His contribution to English literature can be pointed out in Sunday levels. The voyages of discovery and the revival of classical learning were the ardent impulses of Renaissance which were the basis of Thomas More’s masterpiece “Utopia”. So he was the first Sun of the Renaissance at the dawn of the Renaissance. Geffrey Chaucer was the first one who represented human society and characters in English literature and after him. More was the first modern socialist. He did not like private property and the difference between rich and poor. He was against crimes. So he was also the first of the modern pacifists.

Religious confinement was the most noticeable fact in that contemporary society. In his “Utopia”, he suggested that all religions are equal. Special privileges did not belong to Christianity rather he supported perfect religious freedom. Thus he had once again proved that he bore the messages for peace and happiness for human society.

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“Utopia” represented the conception of an ideal state and was a strong satire on the abuses, corruptions, and errors of the age. In fact, it pointed out the foundations of a civilized society based on liberty, equality, and fraternity. Thus, the impact of “Utopia” was undeniable throughout the other ages of the Renaissance, especially in the Elizabethan age.


In termination, we can say that Thomas More’s contribution to English literature is certainly influential in the future if rich literature.

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