The Definition of Love Summary and Analysis

The poem The Definition of Love is a famous spiritual love poem by Andrew Marvell where he prioritizes spiritual love (Soul to Soul Love) rather than physical love. He termed his love as heavenly love because there is no place for physical intercourse in his love.

The Definition of Love Summary and Analysis

One, the type and depth of love: At the very beginning of this poem, the poet/speaker finds his love partner, talks about the depth of love. He says his love is very strange, different, and a rare kind of love, which is very different from ordinary love.

The poet says that his love was born out of despair “begotten by despair”. He claims that only out of desperation can such a holy love be born, where physical needs have no place.

Here the speaker prioritizes his spiritual needs rather than his physical needs.

Two, the role of fate in the poet’s love: The poet blames destiny/fate because destiny prevents him and his lover from meeting. Destiny has placed them both at the two poles of the world. Until there is an earthquake in this world, or the planets and stars fall until the whole world is destroyed and becomes a plain until then their love cannot be united.

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Although the love between the poet and his lover is flawless, the poet compares this love to two parallel lines lying side by side, lines that can never meet.

Three, spiritual love: Carnal love is the cheapest kind of love that is ever-present in the world. But the poet’s love is unique because their love is pure. Their love is soul love. One soul eagerly waits for another soul. Physical intercourse is never possible in their love. And the poet will continue to protect the purity of their love with destiny.

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