The features of modern poetry

The features of modern poetry

Question: What are the features of modern poetry?


The Poetry of Modern age (1901-1939) is called modern poetry. In this short era, we get some fantastic poems. By these poems, some features are highlighted that are called the features of modern poetry.

Features of modern poetry

After scanning some prominent poems of modern poetry, we get a distinct idea. There are sundry features of modern poetry that are given below:

  • Freedom of using verse: Freedom of using a verse in poems is a feature of modern poetry. Modern poets write their poems in rhymed verse, free verse, and blank verse.
  • Juxtaposition: Juxtaposition means two dissimilar things are kept together.
  • Use of Mythology: Use of Mythology is also a feature of modern poetry. In a modern poem, we get its description.
  • Versatile allusion: The reference of religious, historic, and like that story is also a feature of modern poetry.
  • Romantic elements: Romantic elements in modern poetry are used to develop poems.
  • Nature: Description of nature is available in modern poetry. So, this is also a feature of modern poetry.
  • Love: Love is an ever classic feature of poetry. In modern poetry, we get its description.
  • Realism: The faithful representation of reality is called realism. In modern poetry, this feature is available.
  • Nationalism: Modern poetry deals with Nationalism. So, this is the feature of modern poetry, etc.

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To sum up, this is clear that modern poets try to express their feelings clearly with some fantastic trends. Modern poetry deals with versatile themes.

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