The function of ghost in Hamlet

The Ghost develops the plot and displays a moral order. It is seen in the play three times. It appears for the first time in Act 1 Scene 1. Then, it comes for the second time in Act 1 Scene 4 and continues to Scene 5. In Act 3 Scene 4, it appears for the last time. 

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The play opens with Old Hamlet’s Ghost gossiping. Bernardo and Francisco see Old Hamlet’s Ghost, but the Ghost refuses to talk to anyone but Hamlet. After hearing this from Horatio, Hamlet decides to visit the Ghost. Then Hamlet meets the Ghost. It tells Hamlet that Old Hamlet’s death is not natural. Old Hamlet is killed by Claudius. The Ghost tells Hamlet to take revenge by killing Claudius. 

The Ghost comes again when Hamlet talks with his mother, Gertrude. Hamlet accuses his mother of the murder of his father. Hamlet thinks of his mother as a partial plotter against his father, as the Ghost describes her as a lustful woman. The Ghost forbids Hamlet to accuse her no more. 

The Ghost is invisible to Gertrude, which suggests moral implications. She is unable to receive spiritual visions as she is far from honor and chastity. The Ghost also symbolizes the power of the unseen world and messenger of the divine justice. 

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