Question: What message does Frost convey through the poem Mending Wall? The Mending Wall 


Robert Frost who is a great American poet has written the poem “Mending Wall”. This is a thought-provoking poem about human limitations and their advantages in society. It was first published in 1914. Since the publication of the poem, it has gained a lot of popularity around the world due to its simple yet profound subject matter.

The key concept of the poem

The poem is about two neighbors who meet every spring to repair the stone wall that separates their farms. It also explains how good fences make good neighbors and how we can build long-lasting relationships with neighbors. In a broad sense, it teaches how we can build lasting international relations.

The message of the poem

This poem is about the activity of fixing the wall every spring by the speaker and his neighbor. The narrator of the poem thinks that there is no need for boundaries because both of them have nothing valuable to keep on the lawn. They just have trees. To him, fixing the wall is a pointless activity. He observes the falling of stones from the wall and comments that even nature is not in favor of this fence. However, his neighbor tries to argue with his traditions. He firmly claims that boundaries and distances are essential for a relationship to work. But what fascinates the reader is the message that the poet conveys that most relationships can work well with limitations.


To conclude, we are just stunned by the far-reaching vision of Robert Frost. Today, the USA has become a dreamy country for the people of the whole world because of its limitations and good governance.

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