The people of Brave New World worship Ford instead of God

Why do the people of Brave New World worship Ford instead of God?


World State is a state of Science and technology. Here, Science and technology have taken the place of God. People like to worship science instead of God because science brings a revolution in their lifestyle.

The people of Brave New World worship ‘Ford’ instead of God

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In a world state, there is no religious value. Religion is used only as a source of moral teaching. Huxley (1894-1963) in his Brave New World, States that people of the world state worship Ford instead of God. Actually, the contribution of Ford to working-class people makes him God.

Contribution of Ford

From the personal note of Huxley, it is found that Henry Ford has taken the place of God. His contribution to manufacturing American automobile production brings revolutionary changes in American history.  Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) illustrates that this revolution changes humans’ attitudes toward religion.

The working-class people can produce and purchase their own cars. This invention changes the life of common people. So Ford becomes so much popular and has taken the place of God.

The massive production of Ford

People of the world state mainly worship Ford because of his massive production. It becomes quite clear to us from the conversation between John and Mustapha Mond that before “Nine Years War” people used to worship God. During the war, they were not saved by God. They had to suffer a lot. Their sufferings had no bound. Many people died in this war. So after the war, they reject God’s worshipping. They are now solvent and out of poverty. There are no war, no sorrow, and no pain for the massive production of Ford.

Happiness of people

In a world state, everyone is happy. The upper classes are conditioned to swallow. The lower classes are conditioned to propagate. In the world state, everyone is happy in their own casts. There is no poverty, sorrow, hunger, and exploitation. Soma exceptionally maintains the law. Soma helps people to forget their sorrows.  It has slow poisoning effects. Again Free sexual relationship is allowed in the world state. Again about Soma, Lenina quotes,

“A gramme is always better than a damn,

Ford makes the life of working classes so much easy by its contribution.”

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So it is quite clear that the people of the world state are benefited by Ford. Ford makes their life easy. So Ford is regarded as God in the world state that Huxley easily reveals in his outstanding novel Brave New World.

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