The people of the world state are treated as commodities

Show how the people of the world state are treated as commodities.


In the novel “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, different people show different ways of dealing with sex and love, Science, and technology. The people of the World State are conditioned, which means sex and reproduction are controlled by the World State. The people of the world state are treated as commodities and they can’t freely decide what they want to do or not.

The people of the world state are treated as commodities

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Everything is treated as consumer goods

 World State is enriched in Science and technology. Here women’s ovaries are used to produce test-tube babies. This is applied to the control reproduction system. In the hospital, children are allowed to see the death of any man. The governing body wants them to feel that death is very natural. Actually, it’s a dystopian society. So sex, death, women’s ovaries are treated as consumer goods.

Principles of production

 Actually, the world state controllers maintain scientific principles of production. Again the consumption of consumer goods is also used scientifically in the treatment of human beings. Humans are being produced in test tubes in the Hatchery. For this production enriched scientific method and technology are maintained in the Hatchery.  Various kinds of chemical treatments are applied. Through various kinds of chemical treatments, human embryos are conditioned. Again consumer goods are classified in accordance with their classes.

 Classification of human beings

 In the world state, the classification of human beings is traceable. From the production of human beings, they are classified into several groups. Here various processes are applied for this grouping. Specific consumer goods are produced for specific groups. Five classes of people are found in the world state. Among them, Alpha and Beta are higher classes. For them, high-quality goods are produced. The rest of the classes are the lower classes for whom the lower quality goods are produced.

 Different role according to class

 People of the world state are foreordained to different social roles. The leading class is Alphas. They are so much intelligent. The Betas are considered to be the middle class. The rest of the groups are engaged in serving.


Thus, we find free sexual relationships, class discrimination in the world state. So people are deprived of all human rights and morally bankrupted. They are treated as commodities in the novel “Brave New World”.

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