The reasons for happening reformation in England

The reasons for happening reformation in England

Question: Why did reformation happen in England?


The movement that was started in the latter part of the reign of Henry viii and continued through the reign of Edward IV and of Mary Queen of Scotland till the time of Elizabeth is known as the “Reformation Movement”. To put it differently, it was a religious movement against the claims of papal authority and the Church of Rome.

Reason for Reformation

Reformation is known as the Protestant Revolution because it could establish the Reformation Church or Protestant Church, making a complete break with the Roman Church. In fact, it was not a movement against Roman Catholicism or to reform the church but at once a religious, political, social, and economic revolution. It shook the very foundation of English society, ended the domination of the church, destroyed the monasteries, and transformed England into a new nation of free-thinking. For this reason, the Reformation movement happened in England.

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In termination, we can say that it had an immense influence on Renaissance English Literature and without it, Renaissance literature could not be understood completely.

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