The reasons for the remarkable of Ben Jonson in Jacobean Literature

The reasons for the remarkable of Ben Jonson in Jacobean Literature

Question: Why is Ben Jonson remarkable in Jacobean Literature?


Ben Jonson (1573-1637) is the most famous playwright and poet, after Shakespeare, in the Jacobean period (1603-1625). He is famous in the history of English Literature for his literary works such as tragedies, Comedies, lyrics, and poems. His comedies are called “comedy of Humour”. In Jacobean literature, he is especially remarkable for the comedy of Humour.

Remarkable Contribution

Ben Jonson introduces, in almost all his comedies, a unique technique that expresses the manners of the days, humor, and comedy of London life. His remarkable comedies are like “Everyman in his Humour and Everyman out of his Humour“, “Volpone or The Fox“, “The Silent Woman” and so on.

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He uses a satirical tone in his writing that expresses the vices of English society. He also uses animal characters that mean Beast Fable, to reveal the real character of Jacobean people. His two remarkable historical comedies areSejanus His Fall and “Catiline” which composed of classical models.


From the above discussion, we can assert that Jonson is very remarkable in Jacobean literature for his literary works especially Comedy of humor.

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