Question: Is or Was Robert Frost wise in choosing the road less traveled? The Road Not Taken

Introduction: The poem “The Road Not Taken” has been written by Robert Frost and was published in 1961 as the first poem in the collection of poetry entitled “Mountain Interval”. This is an ambiguous poem that helps readers think about the choices they make in life.

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Nostalgia for life choices: This poem is about life from the perspective of a young storyteller. The poem is about the uncertainty and confusion of the human mind about what they can do while standing on the brink of choosing. This is because life is full of choices and the choices we make define the whole course of our lives. Similarly, the narrator encounters a situation during his travel. He finds two roads where he has to choose one and follow his choice. He thinks he can come back to travel on another road again. However, he also has a feeling that his choice will lead him to face new events and challenges. Although he has some regrets about his choice, he realizes that the things he encountered and the places he went to made all the difference in his life because of this path.

Conclusion: Outwardly, Robert Frost may seem wrong in his choice but the hidden message of the poem is that he is successful because his choice has taught him something new, different, and innovative.

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