The role of Lelina in the novel Brave New World

Discuss the role of Lelina in the novel Brave New World.


 Lenina Crowne, a young, beautiful embryo technician at the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. She’s not really unique, or interesting, or challenging, or even particularly intelligent. As best we can tell, she’s just “uncommonly pretty.”

The role of Lelina in the novel Brave New World

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Lelina as pneumatic

Aldous Huxley explains that Lenina is “pneumatic.”  The official definition of pneumatic is basically “full of air,” but this is totally metaphorical. It seems to mean that she’s busty, curvy, and all-around sexy. The word pneumatic has a double meaning. Lenina’s body may be all cushiony, but she’s pneumatic mentally. She is lifeless and dull. In this way, “pneumatic” ends up being a buzzword for everything about the new world.  Everything is without meaning, everything is full of air. That this term is so frequently used in association with Lenina is just another reminder that she is the Compendium of the World State female.

The embodiment of pervert sexual pleasure

 Lenina used to emotionless sex and instant gratification. She is excited to have John to gratify her sexual pleasure. She relates;

”Hug me till you drug me, Honey”

 This causes Lenina a good amount of distress. And it raises an important question: does Lenina really love John, or is this simply a case of wanting? Well, look at the way Lenina talks about him. Is she stuck by the capacity of his mind? Not exactly. Does she wonder at his individuality? Not really. Is she in awe of his morality? no, not so much. It’s more about his body. Actually, it’s all about his body. When she first meets him, her thoughts are as follows:

 “…such a nice-looking boy, and a really beautiful body.”

  She can only think of sex and can’t understand emotion.

Caste of Lelina

 In Chapter 4, Lenina expresses her disgust for the Gammas as she passes by Gammas boarding monorails after work:

“My word,” said Lenina, “I’m glad I’m not a Gamma.”

 Later, when talking with Henry, it’s clear that she is not an Epsilon – and likely an Alpha or a Beta. Let’s see Lenina’s job into account. She works as a technician at the Hatchery – a position that needs some intelligence and skill but is, for the most part, repetitive and monotonous. An Alpha would not be needed to do such work, but a Delta or Epsilon could not do it, and even a Gamma might not be a good choice. The skills indicate Lenina as a Beta.


 Lenina is a woman of free will. She is also a comic character in the novel Brave New World. But the most influential and representative part of Lelina’s character is her sexual appeal and Soma addiction.

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