The symbol of the glass menagerie


For being a memory play, symbolism works as a part and parcel of “The Glass Menagerie”. Tennessee Williams (1911-1983) uses a number of symbols in this drama. Those symbols mirror many different things. The playwright injects a large variety of symbolism to show the emotional, physical, and social state of each of the characters. 

Title of the play/ The symbol of the glass menagerie 

As the title of the play tells us, the glass menagerie, or collection of doll creatures, is the play’s focal image. Laura’s assortment of glass creature puppets speaks to various aspects of her character. Like the dolls, Laura is sensitive, whimsical, and some way or another old-fashioned. The zoological display additionally speaks to the imaginative world to which Laura gives herself- a world that is beautiful and tempting yet dependent on delicate illusions. 

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To conclude, we can say that Williams rightfully uses a number of different kinds of symbols in his play “The Glass Menagerie”. Actually, he uses a variety of symbols to show his complex ideas indirectly. 

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