The theme of isolation in Nausea

Antoine Roquentin is the protagonist of the psychological novel Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980). In this novel, he represents the most striking theme of isolation through the character of Roquentin.   

 Roquentin lived in a rented house.  He is doing historical studies. In Nausea, he has realized the necessity to work to be connected to society. He lives alone. He has no family, no friends, and few acquaintances. He had a girlfriend whom he loved so much in past. Her name is Anny. She is an English actress. She is obsessed with the creation of “perfect moments”.  

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But they broke up their relationship about six years ago when the events of the story take place. They have not met, written letters, or talked to each other in about four years. Now, Roquentin feels very lonely and isolated.  


 As he is suffering from extreme loneliness, he can feel the loneliness of other people in his surroundings. Roquentin tries to cure his loneliness. So, he is trying to renew his love relationship with his ex-girlfriend Anny. But when Anny once again rejects his love proposal, Roquentin becomes totally broken from the inside. He has to return to his previous state of utter loneliness. At the end of the novel, isolation and loneliness become his company forever. 

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