The vices of authority to be avoided

The vices of authority to be avoided

Question: What are the vices of authority to be avoided according to Bacon?


Francis Bacon (1561-1626) is considered the father of English modern prose because of his extraordinary talent for writing prose. In the essay “Of Great Place’’ here he has been advised to avoid the vices of the authority for his readers.

According to Bacon, there are four vices of the authority such as:

  1. Delays
  2. Corruption
  3. Roughness
  4. Facility

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Delays means do not maintain the proper work schedule. It is the first vice of authority. According to Bacon working schedule must be maintained by the authorities. Otherwise, the authorities are rebuked by the others. so, we should avoid this vice.


Corruption is the second vice of the authority that has been discussed in the essay ” Of Great Place”. It is the burning question in modern times. According to Bacon in case of corruption, one should not only deny to accept bribes but be capable to stop a person from offering a bribe. One should not only be honest but also reposed oneself free from the very suspicion of dishonesty. so, the readers should avoid this vice.


This is the 3rd vice of the authority that has been mentioned in the essay ”Of Great Place”.  Bacon has asserted that roughness is worse than strictness, it makes people hate a man. Rebukes can be given but not harshly. One should refuse this vice for being gain a mild personality.


The facility is worse than bribery. Because once one allows oneself to be influenced by entreaties or recommendations, one lays oneself open to his attack forever. For this, Bacon has mentioned that this vice is avoided by the authority.


In fine, we can say that Bacon is the master of practical wisdom, he has been shown the four vices of the authority almost 408 years ago but at present, these vices are well matched to our authority.

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