Troilus and Criseyde Summary 


1. Troilus

2. Criseyde

3. Pandarus

4. Calchus

5. hector

6. Antenor

7. Diomedes

8. Deiphebus

9. Narrator


The event took place during the siege of Troy. A Trojan soothsayer named Calchas predicts that Troy will soon fall, flees the city in terror, leaving his daughter Criseyde behind, and switches his allegiance to the Greeks. This escape of her father was not well looked upon by the Trojans, and she was greatly despised and reviled for his father’s deeds.

The Trojans were gods worshipers. So even during wartime, they did not show any indifference towards various festivals. In April, when the meadows were full of flowers, they held a feast at the Palladium, or Pallas Athena’s temple. Troilus, the hero of this poem, was a young warrior. But he was indifferent to love. He always made fun of lovers. It was fun to see their suffering. Cupid, the god of love, did not like this. He got angry and wanted to take revenge.

On the day of the festival, he went to the Palladium like everyone else. And he caught sight of Criseyde, the beautiful daughter of Calchas. He liked her at first sight and fell in love with her. Criseyde’s uncle Pandarus advises him to repent and be loyal to the god of love. And helped him to write Criseyde. Meanwhile, he meets his niece and informs her of Troilus’ love. Told her to be happy. He also said that if she did not love Troilus, he and Troilus would both commit suicide. He reminded her that she was no longer the little one. As Troilus returns from the war as he walks down the street, Criseyde sees him through the window and thinks of his vulnerable state, that she now needs social security.

She then went to the garden with her friends and listened to Antigone’s love song. Going to bed at night, she dreamed that a white eagle took her heart from his chest and replaced it with his own heart. Then they started writing letters. Pandarus started helping them with this work. He even started telling me what to write in the letter. Criseyde was somewhat indifferent to writing letters but her uncle urged her to write letters.

Pandarus planned to meet the two at the house of Deiphebus. Pandarus then brought Troilus to the house of Deiphebus and advised him to feign illness. Troilus did as he was promised and met Criseyde for the first time.

Pandarus advised him to speak respectfully to Criseyde. Troilus told him he would do so. After that, letters started circulating between them again. One afternoon Criseyde came to Pandarus’s house, and when it started raining, he asked her to stay at his house. And Troilus secretly watched. Pandarus takes Criseyde to a secret room in his house. Then Troilus meets her there. Pandarus warns Troilus about the goddess of fortune.

Meanwhile, once the Trojans went to war with the Greeks and exchanged prisoners. Because their famous warrior Antenor was captured by the Greeks. Calchas became very popular in the Greek camp. He contacted King Agamemnon about his daughter and arranged for his daughter to be brought to the Greek camp in exchange for Antenor.

Although the heroic Hector initially vetoed this exchange, thinking of Antenor, he agreed. Troilus began to lament that fate was always playing with him.

He consulted Pandarus. He advised him to find someone new. But he rejected this idea. Then advised him to elope with her. He also said that since he was a brave warrior, it would not be appropriate for him to do anything that would tarnish his honor.

Troilus and Criseyde meet again. At first, Criseyde fainted at the sight of him. Troilus drew his sword and plunged it into himself. At this time she regained consciousness and dissuaded Troilus from this act. Criseyde assured him that she did not want to ruin her honor. She would rather resort to cheating on her father.

She will escape within 10 days. Troilus came back from that time with a taste of death.

Three years pass after seeing Criseyde. After she went to the Greek camp, Diomede took charge of her security.

Meanwhile, Pandarus brings Troilus to Sarpedon’s villa. Everyone comes there to have fun. Troilus noticed that he only had nightmares when he was alone. Troilus was passing the day reminiscing about past happiness. And Criseyde was looking for safety, so she responded by making love to Diomedes.

When his lover did not return, Troilus dreamed that a wild boar was carrying off his lover. In the morning he wrote a heartfelt letter to Criseyde. Wanted to know why she did not come. He then went to Cassandra to find out the meaning of his dream. She said this wild boar is her new lover. He couldn’t believe that she could have a new boyfriend.

He then wrote more letters to her. But the reply came in a very brief form, but she said she would return. Once a garment of Diomede fell into the hands of the Trojans. There he found a brooch that Troilus had given to Criseyde. He began to lament because he still loved her. For the first time, Pandarus could not give him any advice. He also felt a lot of pain in his heart. Troilus wanted to kill Diomedes in battle, and they even met on the battlefield, but they were destined to die not at each other’s hands but Troilus was killed by Achilles.

Then the soul of Troilus went to the last level of the sky and laughed at all the lovers. The narrator then concludes about him very briefly and reminds us that human life is very fleeting.

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