Question: Mention some conceits used by John Donne. Use of conceits


John Donne (1572-1631) is one of the well-known poets in English literature. He is called ‘‘the father of metaphysical poetry’’. The metaphysical poem is a type of poem in which abstract ideas or themes are composed. The use of conceit is one of the important features of the metaphysical poem.

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Definition of Conceit: In short, conceit means far-fetch comparison between two other things.

John Donne’s conceits: There are many conceits in Donne’s poems. In the poem ‘‘The Good Morrow’’ (1633) there are several conceits which are given below:

  1. The comparison between unaware lovers and breast-fed babies.
  2. The comparison between the unconscious lovers and ‘‘seven sleepers’’ who slept two hundred years.
  3. The comparison between the lover’s micro-world and the real world.
  4. The comparison between the two hemispheres and two lovers.


Undoubtedly, this special technique develops the store of English poetry. John Donne is nothing but a master of this field.

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