Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu/ Great Seljuks Season 1 Episode 1

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu/ Great Seljuks Season 1 Episode 1

The Great Seljuks: Guardians of Justice - Turkish Drama

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu/ Great Seljuks Season 1 Episode 1, At the very outset of this episode, we see that Sultan Alp Arslan and his son Malik Shah with their soldiers have come to a battlefield. The name of this battle is “The Battle of Manzikert” which took place on 26 august 1072 between the Seljuk Empire and Byzantine Empire.

Sultan Alp Arslan sends his eagle for the signal of war. His eagle shouts loudly. Hearing this, the chief commander of Sultan Alp Arslan, Hazi Nizamulmulk says to the sultan “Your highness, the eagle has sent the positive signal for attack.” Arslan says to his son Malik Shah “Look at the castle. If we are able to conquer this castle, we can destroy the domination of the dominators one more time. When you will be the sultan one day, you will never be satisfied with what you have. Our customs tell us that the son expands the sultanate.” Malik Shah says “I swear by the name of Allah, I will perform my duty, and If I can’t do my duty, I should be beheaded with my own sword, and I may turn into a dust.”

Then Sultan Arslan says to his soldiers “My braves, my lions, this is the day for being winners or drinking martyrdom. Our victory is waiting for us behind the castle.”

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu / Great Seljuks

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu/ Great Seljuks Season 1 Episode 1, On the other hand, a woman is groaning in pregnancy pain in a hurt. On the other hand, the war gets started. The woman gives birth to a child. She is the wife of Prince Malik Shah. She says “My son, you are the light of my eye. Alhamdulillah, Allah has gifted you to me safe and sound.” Ömer Hayyam says “Insha Allah, your son will be the perfect heir to his father.” On the other hand, the fight is going on.

After the victory, Sultan Arslan says to Nizmulmulk “Spread this news throughout Bagdad, Egypt, China and everywhere so that everybody can learn that if anyone wants to be our enemy, their condition will be like this.” Nizamulmulk says “As you order, my Sultan.” In the meantime, Malik Shah comes to his father and says “If you give me order, I will take the news of our victory in our capital.” Sultan Arslan says “Never be happy for the victory. Always follow the order of Allah so that Allah may give you such victory throughout your life. You have fought well in the middle of the battle. Okay, you are allowed. You may go.” Then Sultan Arslan says “Nizmulmulk, bring the commander of Belzem to me. We have an account to settle with him.” On the other hand, riding his horse, Malik Shah is running.

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu/ Great Seljuks Season 1 Episode 1, Then we are shown the scene of a day after. Malik Shah comes to Hayyam. Hayyam gives Malik Shah his son. Malik asks “Where is Basulu?” Hayyam says “After giving birth to your son, she fell ill and didn’t recover. Basulu wanted that the name of your son would be Ahmed. She told me to tell you that you will keep your son secret as you have kept your love secret.” Malik Shah asks “Where is the grave of Basulu?” While Malik Shah is mourning sitting beside the grave of his wife, Nizamulmulk comes. Hayyam asks “Has the regiment returned from the conquest?” Nizamulmulk says “Yesterday, when the sultan was talking to the Byzantium commander, the Byzantium commander insulted the sultan. Sultan went to kill him but he didn’t kill him. When the sultan was turning back to his throne, the infidel shot a poisonous arrow at the sultan. The sultan told me to make Malik Shah the sultan.” Then Nizamulmulk says to Malik Shah “Your father Sultan Alp Arslan ordered me to give you courage so that you can meet the infidels.” Hearing the death news of his father, Malik Shah cries with frustration but Nizamulmulk tells him “This is the time to be strong. You have to take the throne of your father. Otherwise, the state will fall into danger.” Malik Shah says “I can’t do this.”

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In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu/ Great Seljuks Season 1 Episode 1, Nizamulmulk takes his son and holds the sword at his right hand and his son at his left and says to Malik Shah “You have two paths in front of you now. You have to choose one.” Malik Shah goes to take his son but Nizamulmulk keeps the sword on the neck of the child and says “If you don’t take the responsibility of the state, there will be neither state nor child.” Malik Shah asks “What will be of my son Ahmed?” Nizamulmulk says “I will take care of your son and when the time will come, your son will be the Sultan. I will keep your son aloof from you.” Malik Shah says “I will sacrifice my life for my state. My son, don’t think that it is a separation. Although you will remain away from me, you will remain in the secret corner of my heart.” While going, Malik Shah hears the crying of his son and comes back to his son and kisses his son. Then Nizamulmulk says “You are the brave son of your brave father and from now your name is not Ahmed. Your name is Sanjar Ahmed.” Then we are shown the scene of 18 years after.

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu/ Great Seljuks Season 1 Episode 1, Sanjar is given the task to cross a wall without seeing and touching it. If he falls down, he will die. Sanjar starts crossing the wall with his two companions. After crossing the dangerous wall, Sanjar comes to his teacher. His teacher tells him “You have been a trained commando. Now you are being appointed as the secret agent of Sultan Malik Shah. Are you ready to accept this challenge?” Sanjar says “I will perform my duty being loyal to Sultan Malik Shah Insha Allah.” His teacher says “Be loyal like the steel, be brave and strong like the cliffs and spread the light of justice defeating the devils.” On the other hand, Malik Shah has come to visit his father’s grave. Malik Shah says “I have kept my promise. May Allah expand your grave and connect it to heaven.” On the other hand, Sanjar has come to investigate a place to know whether Malik Shah is justice or devil. He gets a belt in a box. On the other hand, Malik Shah tells his soldiers “Effort is ours but victory is for Allah. My father ordered me to destroy the devils of Constantinople. I am going through that path. Are you with me? If you fight for justice, Allah will reward you.” The soldiers give their consents and slogan. On the other hand, a man comes to Sanjar and says “You are the agent of the devils.” Sanjar suffocates the man with the belt and the fight gets started. While fighting and trying to save the belt from being melted from fire, a soldier tries to attack Sanjar but a soldier saves Sanjar’s life. Sanjar asks “Who are you?” The soldier says “I am Arslantas, agent of Nizamulmulk.” Sanjar says “Nizamulmulk.” Then Sanjar and Arslantas get out of the den by fighting. When Sanjar sees that the enemies are going to blast a bomb, Sanjar says to Arslantas “We have to jump into the sea to save our lives.”

Then we are shown the palace of Malik Shah. His mother and his wife Terken Hatun are busy with taking preparation to welcome Malik Shah because Malik Shah is returning from his conquest after a long time. Terken Hatun says “Don’t worry mother, I will take care of everything.” Seferiye Khatun says “It is my responsibility to take care of the palace and your duty is to look after the children of my Sultan.” Hearing this, daughter of Malik Shah tells her grandmother “You have shone the palace with your experience. May Allah protect you and my father from all kinds of danger.” On the other hand, Sanjar and Arslantas are swimming in the sea. A soldier asks “What’s wrong, Sanjar?” Sencer says “Boskuz, we are exposed. They want to kill Sultan. we have to go to Isfahan, a city in Iran. Boskuz and Aydogdu, this is Arslantas. He is one of the brave soldiers of Nizamulmulk. Arslantas, these are Boskuz and Aydogdu. They are my real comrades.” Then Sanjar sets out for Isfahan.”

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In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu/ Great Seljuks Season 1 Episode 1, On the other hand, Malik Shah has returned to his city Isfahan. Everybody welcomes him. Sanjar notices that an archer is aiming at Malik Shah to shoot an arrow. Sencer shouts “Save our Sultan.” The fight gets started. Sanjar saves the life of a beautiful young girl. The girl asks “What’s is your name?” In the meantime, a soldier comes and tells Sanjar “Malik Shah has called you. Come with us.” On the other hand, a young man is walking hurriedly. Malik Shah’s mother asks “Why are you in a rush?” The young man named Tapar says “There was an assassinating attack on our sultan.” Malik Shah’s mother asks “Is Malik Shah okay and where is he now?” The son of Malik Shah, Tapar says “He is coming to the palace.” On the other hand, Sanjar has come to a tomb. Here Sanjar goes to flashback in which Nizamulmulk tells him that Malik Shah is his father but he has been kept away from his father because of his mother’s last wish and he will be taken to light when the time will come. Then we are shown that Nizamulmulk has come to Sanjar.

Nizamulmulk asks Sanjar “Why have you come here without informing me?” Sanjar says “I came to know that Sultan Malik Shah would be killed that is why I could not resist myself.” Nizamulmulk says “You have made a mistake because Malik Shah will want to keep you with him.” Sanjar says “I want to tell you about a hazard.” Nizamulmulk asks “What type of Hazard?”  In the meantime, Malik Shah comes to them.

Malik Shah says “You have saved our lives like a lion. What is your name?” Sanjar says “My name’s Sanjar.” Malik Shah says “Tell me about your father.” Nizamulmulk says “Sanjar is one of the secret soldiers of us. When he was a child, his father was martyred.” Malik Shah says “Sanjar, come with me.” Then they come out. Malik Shah says “Sanjar, look at the horse. This is one of the best horses. Now I gift you this horse for your bravery.” Sanjar says “I want to name this horse Jahangir.” Malik Shah says “Oaky, from now Jahangir is yours.” Then Malik Shah says “Sanjar, take care of yourself because we will need you again.”

Malik Shah comes to his palace. Nizamulmulk says “We need to investigate very carefully so that the enemies don’t get further opportunity to do this.” Malik Shah says “Find them. I want to punish them.”

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu/ Great Seljuks Season 1 Episode 1, On the other hand, Sanjar comes to a herbal shop. Sanjar says to the Herbalist “Give me olive oil so that I can heal my wound.” A beautiful girl named Turna Khatun who was saved by Sanjar tells “I know you and only olive oil will not heal your wound.” Sanjar asks “How have you identified me?” Turna Khatun says “I never forget one if I see him.” Then Turna Khatun polishes herbal ointment at the wound of Sanjar. Sanjar tells the Herbalist to give him some clothes for the bandage. Turna Khatun gives Sanjar a handkerchief and says “It will be enough for you. You have saved the life of Sultan. Now a great opportunity is waiting for you.” Sanjar says “It was my duty and I never perform my duty for reward.”

Seeing Malik Shah, his mother says “Alhamdulillah, you are safe.” Malik Shah says “They will be punished for their crime.” Terken Khatun asks “Who has done this?” Malik Shah says “Those who don’t have the courage to meet me on the battlefield have done this.” On the other hand, Nizamulmulk and Tajulmulk are investigating a dead body. While investigating, Nizamulmulk finds the sign of a two-headed eagle at the back of the head of the dead man. Tajulmulk says “This is the sign of Turkmen.” Nizamulmulk says “Don’t expose this until it is sure that the Turkmen attacked because this sign may be a trick to cheat us.” Tajulmulk says “No, we can’t keep it conceal.” Nizamulmulk says “Don’t act like a fool because your exposition will be the cause of war.” Tajulmulk says “Though you are one of the top rank officers of our state, the final decision will be taken by Sultan himself.”

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In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu/ Great Seljuks Season 1 Episode 1, Then the scene shifts to a Seljuk plain in Anatolia. The messenger is asked by the chief commander of the tribe about their chief Kilijarslan. The messenger says “Sultan Malik Shah has captivated our chief.” Hearing this, the commander says “They have first killed our chief Suleyman Shah and now they have captivated our chief. We can’t sit silently. Now, this is the time of revenge.” Then they start the slogan “Revenge.” Meanwhile, the interim chief of the tribe named Eljin Khatun comes and says “Stop shouting. First of all, we have to be sure about their intention and then we will take steps.” The commander furiously says “Eljin Khatun, we can’t be silent.” Hearing this, Eljin Khatun kicks at the leg of the commander and keeps her sword on the neck of the commander, and says “This is the sword of Suleyman Shah. If you try to disobey me, you will disobey your chief Kilijarslan and I will not tolerate this.” Then Eljin Khatun says “Malik Shah, your lust of revenge will be the cause of your destruction.”

On the other hand, a man sitting at a secret place says “Malik Shah, your evil domination will get destroyed very soon.” In the meantime, a man comes to this man walking at the bare feet over the fire of coal. The man says “Ibnul Akdas, our soldiers have been martyred. Please allow me, I also want to drink martyrdom.” Ibnul Akdas says “Hasan Sabbah, we need you alive to fulfill our holy mission.”

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu/ Great Seljuks Season 1 Episode 1, On the other hand, Sanjar comes to Nizamulmulk. Nizamulmulk says “I have taught you to train our soldiers but you have disobeyed my order.” Sanjar says “I saw a man among our soldiers with a different belt in his waist. I investigated and learned that they had arranged to kill Sultan Malik Shah. That is why I had to do it.” Nizamulmulk says “The Batinis or Shia Muslims are trying to raise a war among the Sunny Muslims. Could you manage the belt?” Sanjar says “They have destroyed the belt.” Nizamulmulk says “That belt could be strong evidence to convince sultan. However, tell me how you had fled from there.” Sanjar says “You have taught us how to fly like a bird and swim like fish.”

On the other hand, Hasan Sabbah tells Inbul Akdas “Now, I am a very trustworthy person to Sultan Malik Shah. Our attempt at assassination has been destroyed by a young man. Though our soldiers were dressing the dress of the soldiers of Malik Shah, that man found our soldiers out and had killed all of our soldiers.” Akdas says “This is a sacred mission. Don’t lose your heart.”

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu/ Great Seljuks Season 1 Episode 1, Malik Shah asks his Senate “Now tell me about the attackers.” Tajulmulk says “Anatolian Turkmen did attack, my sultan. They want to take revenge for the murder of Suleyman Shah and the captivation of Kilijarslan.” Malik Shah says “We conquered Anatolia and gave the authority of that land to Suleyman Shah but he betrayed and rose a riot among the Muslims that is why he had been beheaded and we have imprisoned his son Kilijarslan because he also disobeyed orders.” Then Malik Shah asks “Haji Nizamulmulk, What do you think about this?” Nizamulmulk says “The Turkmen are not responsible for this attack. The Batinis are trying to create a conflict among the Muslims so that we fight against each other.” Malik Shah says “Tajulmulk is saying that the evidence is obvious and you are saying that there is secret behind this.” Tajulmulk asks “Nizamulmulk, I respect your doubt but I want to know about it from you in front of my sultan.” Nijamulmulk says “This is a secret.” Malik Shah says “Okay, bring the sibling of Kilijarslan for investigation.” Tapar says “I want to do it, my sultan.” Then the Senators leave. While Nizamulmulk is leaving, Malik Shah says “Sanjar. I want that Sanjar will go with Tapar. He is a very sharp man and he can do it perfectly.” Nizamulmulk says “As you command, my sultan.”

On the other hand, Tajulmulk is very anxious. Seeing Tajulmulk in such a situation, Hasan Sabbah comes to him and says “I have seen you in tension that is why I have come to you. I will sacrifice my life for you, my Emir. Please tell me why are you in tension.” Tajulmulk says “It’s beyond your capacity because Hazi Nizamulmulk has diverted the situation.”

On the other hand, Sanjar along with Arslantas has returned to his tribe named Kinik tribe. Seeing Sanjar, a woman shouts, and then she goes to flashback in which Nizamulmulk says to her “If Malik Shah can learn that you have given birth a boy, he will want to take the boy in the palace but the royal authority will not accept a boy from a deported woman and if you die, everyone will live.” Then Sanjar and Basulu Khatun hug each other and go inside the tent.

On the other hand, Terken Khatun is telling the midwives “I don’t trust in any midwives of the palace that is why I have called you from my homeland Karahanli.” In the meantime, Seferiye Khatun comes and says “Terken Khatun, why have you called these midwives since we have better midwives? Send these midwives back.”

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu/ Great Seljuks Season 1 Episode 1, On the other hand, Sanjar’s mother Basulu Khatun asks him “What happened? Why are you injured?” Sanjar says “There was an attack on our sultan Malik Shah. I have been wounded while fighting with the enemies.” His mother says “You should take care of yourself.” Sanjar says “Malik Shah is not only our sultan but he is my father.”

On the other hand, Malik Shah comes to his wife Terken Khatun. Malik Shah asks “Why are you in a sulk?” Terken says “Because I can’t do anything of my choice.” Malik asks “But why?” Terken says “I have called midwives from Karahanli but Sefeiye Khatun wants to send back the midwives.” Malikshah says “My mother wants to save my state and you want to save my child. May Allah never separate both of you from me. Keep the midwives with you.” Terken asks “But What about Seferiye Khatun?” Malik Shah says “I will manage my mother.” Hearing this, Terken Khatun says “Though you are the ruler of the world, your heart is ruled by me.”

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu/ Great Seljuks Season 1 Episode 1, Then we are shown a romantic scene. Sanjar is following Turna Khatun. Suddenly, Turna Khatun keeps her knife on the neck of Sanjar and asks “Why are you following me?” Sanjar says “I didn’t know that this street has any owner and we meet and cross one another because of some reasons.” Turna Khatun says “Tell me the reasons.” Sanjar says “Then, you have to tell me your name. I am Sanjar. You asked me once my name.” Turna says “It’s over now. I am not interested now.” Sanjar gives Turna her purse and starts walking smilingly.

On the other hand, Seferiye Khatun tells the midwives “Why haven’t you leave the palace?” One of the midwives says “We have been ordered to stay at the palace.” Seferiye asks “Who dares to disobey me?” In the meantime, Terken comes and says “Sultan Malik Shah has given this order.” Hearing this, Seferiye Khatun feels dissatisfied and leaves the place warning Terken.

On the other hand, Hasan Sabbah has come to Batinis leader Ibnul Akdas. Hasan Sabbah says “Nizamulmulk has suspected that we tried to kill Malik Shah.” A soldier says “We haven’t left a sign. So, how can he learn this?” Hasan Sabbah says “Nizamulmul hasn’t explained this to Sultan. Rather he has said that he has got the information from a secret agent.”

On the other hand, Sanjar has come to Nizamulmulk and asks “Why are trying to disturb the Turkmen since it is clear that the Batinis have tried to kill our Sultan?” Nizamulmulk says “Our aim is to protect Jerusalem and conquer Constantinople. What you have seen now we have been trying to do this for 40 years. The state decides to look back hundred years past and forward to a hundred years future. Sultan has decided to interrogate Kilijarslan’s sibling about the attack. Tapar has been ordered to bring him and you will accompany him.” Sanjar says “Mr. Nizamulmulk, the more you try to keep me away from my brother and father, the more my destiny will work to unite me with them.” Nizamulmulk says “This is your last duty here. You may go now.”

On the other hand, Hasan Sabbah and Ibnul Akdas are planning to kill Tapar. Hasan Sabbah says “Tapar will go to bring Kilijarslan’s sibling. Our Anatolian agents will kill him.” Ibnul Akdas says “Then we will see how the death of his son will shake Sultan Malik Shah.”

On the other hand, Tapar’s wife Gevhar Khatun is preparing Tapar for his mission. Gevhar Khatun says “Terken Khatun blames you for the attack. She has told the Sultan that you were not aware enough. She is trying to take away the power from Malik Shah.” Tapar says “She will get punishment if she does anything wrong.” Gevhar Khatun says “Don’t neglect Terken Khatun because you will be sultan one day.”

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In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu/ Great Seljuks Season 1 Episode 1, The Antolian Batinis agent has been ordered to kill Tapar Malik by sending a message. On the other hand, Sanjar has come to the palace. Malik Shah says to Tapar “The guards will accompany you and your task is not easy.” Tapar says “I am ready to face difficulties for you, my sultan.” Malik Shah says “May Allah help you on your way.” Then Tapar and Sanjar set out for their mission. Then we are shown a night scene in which Tapar and Sanjar are gossiping. Tapar says “When I was a little boy, my father used to take me for hunting. Have your father taught you hunting?” Sanjar says “My father has taught me everything.” Tapar says “Though I am a prince, I am not happy. I always miss my mother. Is your mother alive?” Sanjar says “By the grace of Allah, My mother is still alive.” On the other hand, Malik Shah and Nizamulmulk are playing chess. While playing chess, Malik Shah says “As you have been showing me paths for 20 years, you will also show my sons the way.”

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu/ Great Seljuks Season 1 Episode 1, On the other hand, Turna Khatun is thinking about Sanjar. On the other hand, while sleeping, Malik Shah dreams that the cradle of his son is burning. After awakening, Malik Shah sets to visit the grave of Basulu. On the other hand, Sanjar and Tapar have reached the tribe of Kilijarslan. A soldier asks “Why have you come here?” Tapar says “I am Tapar Malik. We have come to take Kilijarslan’s sibling with us.” The soldier says “You have killed our leader Suleyman Shah and imprisoned his son Kilijarslan. We will not let you take anyone from our tribe.” Then they raise their swords. In the meantime, Eljin Khatun comes and asks “Why have you come here?” Tapar says “There was a man of Suleyman Shah among the attackers. We have come here to take Kilijarslan’s sibling with us because Malik Shah wants to interrogate her.” Eljin Khatun says “I am the sister of Kilijarslan. Malik Shah knows well that if we wanted to kill him, we would invite him for war. This is certainly a slander.” A soldier says “They have come to take you so that they can imprison you too, Eljin Khatun.” Sanjar says to the soldier “If you try to speak anymore, you won’t be able to utter even a word.” Then Sanjar says “Malik Shah doesn’t want war. He just wants to interrogate you.” Eljin Khatun says to her soldiers “Wait here for me. Nobody will follow me.” Then Eljin Khatun sets out with Sanjar and Tapar. Then the secret agent of the Batinis tells the soldiers “They have captured our leaders. Now we will decide freely what to do or not to do.” On the other hand, Nizamulmulk comes to Malik Shah. Malik Shah says “Something is bothering me. Where is my son?” By this question, Nizamulmulk gets stunned. On the other hand, the Batinis agents have attacked Sanjar and Malik Shah.

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