Valentine’s duel of sex

Introduction: The duel of sex refers to men’s making devices to win the hearts of women’s attempt to resist love by rationality. Let us discuss this. 

Valentine is anti-romantic in his attitude towards love but when he sees Gloria instantly, he feels that oxygen is running in his blood. On the other hand, Gloria is taught unromantic and unconventional education by her mother. She thinks that love is the sentimentality of romance and is an enemy of marriage. When Valentine expresses his interest in Gloria, Gloria says that she has no intention of getting married. But with the unpredictable urge of life force, they fall in love with each other. 

When Mrs. Clandon comes to know that Gloria appears to like Valentine’s kissing on her lips, she tries to disillusion Gloria by saying that Valentine is a duellist of sex and he had made love to many women in the past. This enrages Gloria. She asks him whether he did ever try to win the hearts of other women. He says ‘yes’. She raises her clenched hands to strike him. Her mother stops her from hitting him.  

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In order to convince Gloria, he says that a man’s power of love is like other of his powers. A man has to try it many times until he finds the worthy object of love. Valentine assures her that he has at last found the worthy object of his love, that is, Gloria. But Gloria is not convinced. She tells him that you have tried to make me love you, but you have succeeded in making me hate you. Valentine then asks her pardon but she is determined not to forgive him. At last, she loves him. 

Conclusion: In light of the above discussion, we may assert that Valentine is successful to get the heart of Gloria in the duel of sex. 

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