Victorian compromise

Victorian compromise

Question: What is Victorian compromise?


Victorian compromise is one of the known phrases in English literature. It is connected to Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1892). In Victorian era (1833-1901), happened this crisis in the mind almost of all.

The first encounter of the phrase

Lawrence Friedman (1930-present) firstly coined the term. He is an American law professor, historian, expert in American legal history, and writer of nonfiction and fiction books.

Victorian compromise

Victorian compromise happened between science and religion, poor and rich, revolution and reconciliation, war and peace, educated and non-educated etc. The conflict between science and religion is well-known among these.

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Compromise between science and religion

In the Victorian age, the people were highly conflicted between science and religion. Scientific development conflicted the people in the heart. Especially, Charles Darwin’s theory that tells man originated from monkeys. But Religion tells man does not originate from monkeys. Tennyson says that science should be given a position in its place and religion should be given a position in its place.

Contribution of Tennyson

In Tennyson’s poem, he tried to compromise the contemporary trends. And for this reason, he is called the representative poet of that age. In ‘Locksley Hall’, he tries to show the condition of the poor and rich. In ‘Ulysses’, ‘Tithonus’, ‘Oenone’, ‘In Memoriam’ etc he expresses the idea of a compromise between different aspects of the Victorian period.


To sum up, the Victorian compromise was necessary at that time and Tennyson filled the demand of time. However, this term improves the history of English literature.

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