Victorian Poetry Final Suggestion Exam 2021

Subject: Victorian Poetry

Broad Questions

  1. Write on the pictorial quality of Tennyson’s poetry.
  2. How does Tennyson handle myth and legend in the poem you have read?
  3. Discuss Tennyson as a representative poet of his age.
  4. Justify Robert Browning as an optimistic poet.
  5. Evaluate Robert Browning as a writer of dramatic monologues.
  6. The poetry of Browning reveals a deep knowledge of the psychology of men and women – Discuss.
  7. Write the critical appreciation of the poem Dover Beach.
  8. Discuss The Scholar Gipsy as a pastoral elegy.
  9. Discuss poetry as the criticism of life.
  10. Consider Pied Beauty as a religious poem/ Describe Hopkins as a religious poet.

Part B Short:

  1. How does Tennyson satirize the Victorian Age in Locksley Hall?
  2. What optimistic belief of Tennyson do you find in the poem Locksley Hall?
  3. Describe the land of the Lotos Eaters.
  4. What is the moral message of the poem Oenone?
  5. How does Browning deal with art and the artist’s life in Andrea del Sarto?
  6. What philosophy of life do you find in Andrea del Sarto?
  7. What Victorian quality do you find in Robert Browning’s “My Last Duchess”?
  8. What is Arnold’s view about Truth?
  9. How is “The Scholar Gipsy” a pastoral elegy?
  10. Write a short note on Hopkins’ presentation of the bird in The Windhover.
  11. What is the significance of the title Spring and Fall?

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