Victorian women novelists

Victorian women novelists

Question: Discuss the Victorian woman novelists.


Victorian period  (1832-1901) is one of the fruitful periods in the history of English literature. It is also known for the galaxy of female novelists who contribute so high to the history of English literature. Among them, Bronte sisters “especially Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855), Emile Bronte (1818-1848)”, Mrs. Gaskell (1810-1865), George Eliot (1819-1880), Ellen Wood (1814-1887) are the most important women novelists in the Victorian era.

Contribution of the women novelists in the Victorian Period

Women Novelists have played a vital role in the Victorian Period. The contribution of Bronte-Sisters is unforgettable.

Bronte Sisters

The term “Bronte Sisters” is very famous in the history of English Novels. It coins three sisters.

Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855)

She is found chronologically to be the first woman- novelist of the era. Her works belong to the middle of the nineteenth century which are enviously transitional in nature. The romanticism of the early Victorian novelist is found in combination with stark realism in her works.

Charlotte Bronte represents her Bio-graphical experience in most of her novels. She wrote four novels such as “Jane Eyre”, “Shirley”, “The Professor” and “Villette”. Among her novels, Jane Eyre is her first novel which is written from her Bio-graphical experience.

Emily Bronte (1818-1848)

Emily is one of the famous woman novelists in the Victorian Era. She is a poet as well as a Novelist. Her pen name is Ellis Bell. Her famous novel is Wuthering Heights in which she changes the strong Victorian ideas such as religion, hypocrisy, morality, social class, and gender equality.

Anne Bronte (1820-1849)

She is the youngest among the Bronte’s. She is engaged in the movement of realism. Her famous novel is “The Tenant of Wildfell Hall” which is considered to be the first sustainable feminist novel.

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George Eliot (1819-1880)

Among the all major Victorian novelists both male and female, George Eliot, her original name is Mary Ann Evans, is the most learned and philosophical novelist. She wrote seven famous novels which are the following:

  1. The Mill on the Floss
  2. Adam Bede
  3. Romola
  4. Felix Holt
  5. Daniel Deronda
  6. Middlemarch
  7.  Silas Marner

So George Eliot is a famous woman novelist in the Victorian period.

Mrs. Gaskell (1810-1865)

She is also known a famous Victorian novelist. She contributes very much in this period. She wrote a biography of Charlotte Bronte as well as Novels. Her famous novels are Mary Burton, North, and South, Ruth and Cranford.

Ellen Wood (1814- 1887)

She wrote 30 famous novels which earned 3500 Pounds because her novels were translated into a foreign language. She became very rich by writing novels and her novels brought the prestige of international selling. She was very famous in the USA. The most famous works were East Lynne.


In termination, we can say that the Victorian Period is the most significant for the contribution of Victorian Women Novelists. So this period is the rising moment of women novelists.

Victorian women novelists

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