What do you know about Holy Thursday

Question: What do you know about Holy Thursday?


“Holy Thursday” indicates the annual church services held by children from Myriad Charity Schools in England. “Holy Thursday” means Ascension Day that is a day that commemorates Christ’s resurrection and ascension to Heaven.


Generally, “Holy Thursday” is a holy day for the Christian religion. Because on that day Jesus Christ rose from his grave and ascended to Heaven. That occurred on the fortieth day after Christ’s resurrection. On that day, it is traditional to hold services for children in many Catholic Churches. It is needed to know that annual services were held in London each Ascension Day from 1704 to 1877. On that sacred day the children of charity schools marching to St. Paul’s Church where they sing-song in the praise of God, wearing dresses of red, blue, and green colors. The children pray to God on that day who dwells in Heaven. As they stand on the galleries made for them and pray to God. As William Blake (1757-1827) wrote about this in the poem “Holy Thursday” of the “Songs of Innocence”-

“Now like a mighty wind they raise to heaven the voice of song

Or like harmonious thundering, the seats of Heaven among

Beneath them sit the aged men, wise guardians of the poor

Then cherish pity lest you drive an angel from your door.”


Now, we can define that, Holy Thursday is a sacred day that commemorates Christ’s resurrection and ascension to Heaven that is celebrated by many Catholic Churches.

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