What does Arundhuti Roy mean by ‘small things ?

Arundhati Roy portrays the differences by the term ‘small things’ that Indian society casts upon its people because of being born under different circumstances. She refers to the small things to her readers besides the big things in society, like the caste system, political affairs, and marriage. Let us discuss it. 

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The sexual relationship between Ammu and Velutha may be described as “small things” if it is properly placed in the context of the Ayemenem family. That is because, having illegitimate relations with women was something very ordinary for Chacko, the Ayemenem man. He had affairs with the women workers in the factory and his mother Mammachi took it to be a normal affair as ‘man’s needs” Again Baby Kochamma was one who was madly after Father Mulligan to have physical relations with him. However, because of the restraint shown by the Father, she failed to have such a relationship with him. If that is so, illegitimate sexual relations can certainly be described as “small things”. It became a big thing when it came to Ammu’s relationship with Velutha because of other reasons such as the change in their attitude to Velutha, and his untouchability. 

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The characters like Baby Kochamma and Comrade Pillai cannot care about the place for all the small things. They want to struggle for significant ideals like cultural activities, a respected family, and high political values. They have to find a place in the hearts of people who are willing to support and protect them because small things are neglected. They may find secret zones like the river and History House as well. 

To sum up, these can be little creatures and their activities. Besides, the small things can be secrets, promises, sins, and other emotive ‘creatures’ that people do not want to confess. 

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