What is the central message of the poem ‘The Rebel’?


‘The Rebel’s poem is composed by Kazi Nazrul Islam (1899-1976), the rebel poet of Bengal and the national poet of Bangladesh.  In This poem, the poet talks about himself and celebrates the self or speaker of the poem and spread a message for humanity. 

The central message of the poem:  

The poem basically describes the destructive and creative nature of the rebel using the pronoun ‘I’ to imply a rebellious tendency. Kazi Nazrul wrote the rebellious poem when anti-colonial sentiment was at its peak in the Indian subcontinent. Its rebellious language and themes served as key tools for public awareness at the time. The people of the subcontinent find inspiration in the language of the poem. It accelerates the non-cooperation movement. It was the first mass nationalist campaign of civil disobedience against British rule. 

In this poem, Nazrul declares himself as a rebel, destroyer, and preserver. He expresses anger as well as beauty and sensitivity through a combination of different energies. He characterized his thinking and working spirit as an innate rebel. In this poem, the poet identifies himself as the source of all destructive forces through his rebellion. He talks about creating a new beautiful and orderly society by using his destructive power to destroy all forms of oppression. Finally, Nazrul encourages people to celebrate their creative energy and heroic deeds. He calls for rebellion against all forms of oppression with the aim of building human unity. 

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From the light above description, we can say that the message of the poem is people should stand against all kinds of oppression and injustice. 

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