What made Willy Loman commit suicide

Introduction: The American dream has much gotten popular with the drama “Death of a Salesman”(1949) which is written by Arthur Miller (1915-2005). In the drama, the dramatist has lain bare about the American dream.  

The cause of Willy Loman’s suicide 

In the drama, Willy Loman is the paradigm of the symbol of one-sided sacrifice. Willy Loman is now an old man. For the fundamental demand of the family, he has to do the job. On the other hand, he has two sons who have all grown up but they do not support his father to give the money. But Willy Loman is an old man which is why he cannot give well service to the Wagner Company. The reason that Howard Wagner who is the present boss of the company has abrogated the Salary of Willy Loman. He gets only Commission on product selling. On the other hand, their sons cannot collect the money which is why they are failures. For the Universal future of the sons, and for the money, Willy Loman has committed suicide.  

Willy is staunchly convinced of the American Dream. He is a full failure in his life. He cannot fulfill the American Dream. That is why he has sacrificed his life because after his death his family will be paid 20000 dollars from the insurance company and it will be much help to do starting a business for his sons.  For the sons, he has sacrificed his life by committing suicide. 

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In termination, we can say that Willy Loman is an American man which is why he has dreamed of the “American Dream”. But he failed to pick up the American Dream. However, he has sacrificed his life for his sons. As if, they can persuade the American Dream. 

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