Who is the Red Cross Knight? Give your impressions of the Knight.

Or, Who is The Red Cross Knight?


The Red Cross Knight is the protagonist of the great epic The Faerie Queene written by Edmund spenser(1552-1599). The Red Cross Knight is a fictional character and represents the virtue of holiness.

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Symbolises Jesus Crist:

The Red Cross Knight, who is the protagonist of the book – The Faerie Queene is not given a name.  He is known by his title which is Red Cross Knight.The cross symbolises the martyrdom of the Lady Jesus Christ.  The Knight who is the protagonist of Book-El is an ardent follower and disciple of Jesus Christ.He bears the sign of the cross on his armour and on his shield.  The sign of the cross is depicted in red on the armour and shield of this knight and hence he is called the Red Cross Knight or Knight of the Red Cross.  ‘Red’ symbolises the blood of Jesus Christ who was crucified.

Symbol of holiness:

The Red Cross Knight symbolises purity or righteousness.  His mission is to champion Una’s cause and restore the rights of his parents, who have been held in subjection by the powerful forces of the dragon.  Historically the Knight of the Red Cross is St George or the Reformed Church of England or England as a militant spiritual force, fighting corruption, pride and the manifold evils of papacy, paganism and Catholicism.

Abstract concept:

The Red Cross Knight stands for an abstract concept, Spencer humanises him.  The Red Cross Knight was born noble on horseback.  He carried a bloody cross on his breast as a sign of his love and loyalty to Jesus Christ who died on the cross.  The sign of the cross was also carved on his shield.  He was a follower of Christ in word and deed.  The mediaeval institution of the knight errant had a peculiar fascination for Spenser, and we get a lasting impression and detailed word-pictures of combat, knightly encounters and bloodshed through the portrayal of the Red Cross Knight character.  Knight’s first adventure is marked by his encounter with the monster Bug.  The fight between the knight and the monster proved to be the most terrifying.


To sum up, the character of the Red Cross Knight has been presented allegorically. Religious as well as political issues of the day are intermingled in this allegory.

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