Why does the relationship between Mr Crampton and Mrs Clandon fail

Question: Why does the relationship between Mr Crampton and Mrs Clandon fail


In You Never Can Tell, Shaw displays the cynical marriage life between Mr. Crampton and Mrs. Clandon. Actually, Shaw satirizes Victorian modern relationships by presenting this unsuitable couple. Mr. Crampton belongs to the old school of ideas and morality whereas her wife is a lady of advanced ideas.

Victorian tendency

In the play, Shaw highlights the Victorian modern tendency of feminist. Victorian women want freedom and privacy from her husband. But in the play, Mr. Crampton is a different one. Because of the difference in taste and temperament, Mrs. Clandon separated herself and her children from her husband whom she considers a domestic tyrant. That is why she changes her family title and teaches her children her own ideas and morality.

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Lack of mutual understanding

Shaw expresses in the play that conjugal life depends on mutual understanding but Lack of mutual understanding beings separation. In the play, we notice that lack of mutual understanding here happens judicial separation between Mr. Crampton and his wife, Mrs. Clandon, and children.

Lack of familial love

Conjugal life depends on familial love and happiness but Mr. Crampton’s and Mrs. Clandon’s conjugal life does not have familial love. Lack of familial love, Mrs. Clandon goes far away from her husband with her child. That is why they fail to win each other’s hearts.


In termination, we can say that Conjugal life depends on mutual understanding, familial love, and happiness but lacking these features they fail to win each other’s hearts.

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