Why does Tony misdirect Marlow and Hastings

Introduction: They all are the characters of a comedy named ”She Stoops to Conquer” (1771) by Oliver Goldsmith (1728 – 1774). Tony is the son of Mrs Hardcastle by her first husband Squire Lumpkin. 

The reason of misdirection 

Tony has inherited somewhat wildness of his father and £ 1500 a year. He lives with his mother and step father, Mr. Hardcastle. Marlow and Hastings want to go to Mr. Hardcastle’s house. But unfortunately, they lose their way and go to’ ‘Three Pigeons”. Here, Tony misdirects Marlow and Hastings for two reasons. 

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Firstly, Tony’s stepfather always scolds him for being bad and finds faults with him. Even he calls Tony young dog. For this reason, Tony becomes fed up and wants to take revenge on his stepfather. 

Secondly, Tony likes very much fun and mischief. He misdirects them for his love of fun and practical jokes. 

Conclusion: In a sentence, Tony misdirects Marlow and Hastings for his taking revenge on his stepfather and love of fun. 

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