Wit and humor in Congreve’s The Way of the World

The Way of the World gives us a realistic image of upper-class London society through a witty and humorous dialogue between the characters. The story is full of frivolity and humor but is based on verbal exchanges between characters who constantly engage in pranks and whose main occupation in life is to look fashionable and fun. Almost all the characters in the play use a meaningful mind to express their ideas. But the funniest dialogues and humor are provided by the play’s main characters. The proviso scene is the wittiest part of the play.

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The social environment Congreve presents is the source of the play’s situational humor. Here fashionable men and women indulge in useless intrigues; Husband and wife engage in extramarital affairs. Widows are looking for ways to remarry. The situation is inconsistent because their behavior is far from conforming to morals and social status. For example, Lady Wishfort’s lust for sex and marriage is so incompatible that we have to laugh at her behavior.

Thus, the extensive use of wit and humor enabled the playwright to effectively depict the contrived mannerisms and behavior of the restored society.

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