Write a note on the last days of Troilus life

Troilus is a Trojan prince and a proud knight in the poem ”Troilus and Criseyde” by Geoffrey Chaucer. He has passed the happiest life in acquainted with Criseyde. But his sufferings get started after the departure of Criseyde from Troy to the Greek camp.  

Miserable days of Troiluss life 

 Human is the subject of change. Criseyde promised that she will come back to Troilus within ten days. But she proved her promise false. She never returns. So, Troilus becomes so much sad and he passed ten days in anxiety.  His heart wept secretly. On the ninth night, Troilus becomes anxious hoping for Criseyde’s return in the morning. He did not sleep that night. Finally, on the tenth day, Criseyde did not return. So Troilus gets broken and burst into tears. But he did not lose hope. He was hopping about Criseyde’s return though Criseyde did not keep her promise.  

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Heartbreaking dream of Troilus  

One night Troilus dreamt that a boar had tightly enfolded Criseyde in his arms. Criseyde was frequently kissing the boar. Then Troilus went to Cassandra and told her about his dream. Cassandra interprets that Criseyde is in love with Diomedes. But Troilus did not believe her interpretation. Later on, he wrote many passionate letters to Criseyde. Criseyde also answered those letters showing her extreme passion.  

Betrayal of Criseyde  

One day Troilus becomes shocked getting the brooch that he gave to Criseyde as a token of his love on the coat of Diomedes. He snatched away the brooch from Diomedes. Troilus realizes that he lost Criseyde forever. She will never come back. This covered his mind with sorrows. Troilus gave up hope in life. So, he started to fight against the Greeks violently. Achilles killed him on the battlefield.  

Thus, Troilus’s life comes to an end. Actually, he meets with death as a prize for his false love.

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