Write a short note on Cassandra

Question: Write a short note on Cassandra.


Cassandra was the daughter of the Trojan King Priam and Hecuba. She was a prophetess and a pivotal figure among the rulers of Troy and a priestess of Athena. She was loved by Apollo. But as she refused to offer him her virginity, Apollo made her gift of prophecy useless, which he once bestowed upon her. As no one believed her, she was secluded, disrespected, mocked at and deserted by all the people around her, even by her own parents.

Background facts about Cassandra

To understand Cassandra, we must look back to the Epic named Illiad by Homer. In Iliad, Homer tells of Cassandra as ‘the most beautiful of Priam’s daughters’ When she was a young girl, she had been loved by the god Apollo. The god gave her the power of true prophecy. But because she refused his love, Apollo confounded the gift. Since his gift could not be recalled, he decreed that, while she should always foresee and foretell the truth, none should believe her prophetic utterances. All through the long agony of Trojan war we have a sense of Cassandra at the altar, lifting pure hands in supplication for her dear city. Her life was consecrated. She was made captive. And she was carried away by Agamemnon to be his concubine. And Aeschylus has presented Cassandra in his renowned play entitled “Agamemnon”.


So, Cassandra is one of the significant characters of the Greek tragedy “Agamemnon” since her presence in the palace of Agamemnon makes Clytemnestra more furious and she feels jealousy in love.

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