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Introduction: William Congreve (1670 – 1729) is one of the prominent playwrights of Restoration period. Mirabel is the protagonist of the play ”The Way of the World” (1700). 

Note on Mirabel 

Mirabel is a character of woman-loving in the play. We get him as a lover of more than one woman. He is handsome, fashionable, intellectual and clever as well. He was lover of Mrs. Fainall before her marriage with Mr. Fainall. Now, he loves Millamant. She is Mrs. Fainall’s cousin and Lady Wishfort’s niece. In ”Cabal Night” Lady Wishfort kicked him out. He flatters with Lady Wishfort because he needs consent of her to marry Millamant. Millamant and her fortune both are under guardianship of her aunt. Everywoman wants Mirabel. 

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In ”Proviso scene”, he shows his witty mentality. He saves Lady Wishfort’s status, liberty and fortune as well. Mr. Fainall and Mrs. Marwood plot against Lady Wishfort. They want to marry each other. Finally, they be failed against Mirabel’s brain. Mirabel can marry Millamant after his trick. He is wicked but not devoid of morals. He never says that why he does not marry Mrs. Fainall. 

Conclusion: To sum up, we can say that Mirabel is the life-like character of Congreve’s time. 

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