A Tale of Two Cities : characters

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A Tale of Two Cities is a notable literary work by Charles Dickens. A complete discussion of this literary work is given, which will help you enhance your literary skills and prepare for the exam. Read the main text, key info, Summary, Themes, Characters, Literary Devices, Quotations, Notes, to various questions of A Tale of Two Cities.


Characters list

Charles Darnay

Charles Darnay is the central character of the novel. He is of royal birth and a French immigrant living in England. He has denied his noble French ancestry. He used to lead a modest and humble life and work as a tutor in England.  He has a strong position on justice, fairness, and honesty. His moral integrity starkly contrasts the corruption and cruelty of the French aristocracy. He is charged with sedition in London by his friend. He marries Dr. Manet’s daughter, Lucy, the novel’s heroine.

Sydney Carton

 Carton is an alcoholic lawyer who looks exactly like Charles Darnay and loves Lucy Manet.  He struggles with inner turmoil and self-doubt. His sacrifice reflects his desire to find meaning and redemption in a life he once considered meaningless. His selfless love, sacrifice and spiritual redemption make him an unforgettable character in the literary world history. 

Lucie Manette

Lucie, a beautiful and gracious young lady, is the heroine of this novel.  She is Doctor Manette’s daughter. Though she is a young French woman, she grew up in England. He is a symbol of resilience, selfless love for her family, moral integrity, loyalty and light and hope in a dark world.

Doctor Alexandre Manette

He is a Skilled and well-known physician in France dedicated to saving patients’ lives. He is imprisoned for 18 years in the Bastille and Suffers from mental trauma. After his release, he found a new life under Lucy’s care. He has great compassion for his daughter Lucie. He has a strong sense of justice and testifies in the trial of Charles Darnay to ensure fairness. He is a Symbol of resurrection and represents personal and societal renewal.

Monsieur Ernest Defarge

Owner of a wine shop in Paris, the capital of France. He was formerly Doctor Dr. Manette’s servant. He sheltered Doctor Manet after his release from the Bastille fortress. He plays a vital role as a revolutionary on behalf of the poor Saint Antoine section of Paris.

Madame Therese Defarge

She is the wife of Monsieur Ernest Defarge. She has an intense hatred for the upper-class people. She is a thirsty woman and leader of women revolutionaries.

Jarvis Lorry

Jarvis Lorry is Dr. Manette’s old friend.  He at first informs Lucie that her father is still alive. He is a respected and reliable person at Tellson’s Bank. He is a protector for Lucie Manette. He symbolizes stability during the French Revolution. He represents loyalty and responsibility in his faithful commitment to his employer and the well-being of the Manette family. The name Jarvis  reflects a protective and loyal nature because “Jarvis” derives from the French name “Gervais,” which means “spear servant.”

Jerry Cruncher

 He worked as a porter at Telson’s Bank and a bodyguard for Jervis Lowry. He would dig up the bodies and sell the organs of the dead to scientists.

Miss Pross

Lucy is Lucie Mannet’s faithful companion and protector.

C.J. Stryver

He is an aspiring lawyer from London who falls in love with Lucie. He works as a defence lawyer in Derney’s sedition case. He is highly ambitious and Arrogant. He doesn’t see his faults because of a lack of self-awareness. He is a barrister in the profession. He loves to manipulate and take advantage of others.

Marquis Evremonde 

He is Charles Darnay’s uncle. The arrogant Frenchman looked down on the lower classes.

Solomon Pross (John Barsad): A British spy who is the brother of Miss Pross.


A French postmaster. He works as a tax collector for the Marquise Saint Evrémonde family. Charles Darnay returned to Paris to save him when the revolutionaries captured him.

Roger Cly

Roger Cly is a patriotic British government and an agent of a secret informer for the Monarchy. He was involved in spying and gathering information about revolutionary activities in France during the French Revolution. He represents the atmosphere of suspicion and fear during the reign of terror in France. He is well known for his manipulative and cunning nature. He takes a false identity and claims to be a loyal supporter of the revolutionaries while secretly working for the British authorities.

Jacques One, Jacques Two, and Jacques Three

Three French revolutionaries associated with Defarge.


The coachman of the Dover Mail Coach.

Mrs. Cruncher

Jerry Cruncher’s wife. She is a religious woman. Jerry Cruncher accuses her of praying against him. She dislikes her husband’s grave-robbing profession. She is a source of comic relief in the novel. Despite their conflicts, she is very careful about their son, Young Jerry.

Marquise Saint Evrémonde

Marquise Saint EvrémondeWife of Monseigneur’s twin brother and mother of Charles Dernay. She is a symbol of aristocratic pride and cruelty. She represents the oppressive old regime in France before the French Revolution.

Lucie Saint Evrémonde

The younger daughter of Charles Darnay and Lucie Manet.

The Vengeance

 The nickname of Madam Defarge’s friend, a leading revolutionary in Saint Antoine.