“I will arise and go now, for always night and day”- Explain

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The Lake Isle of Innisfree is a notable literary work by William Butler Yeats. A complete discussion of this literary work is given, which will help you enhance your literary skills and prepare for the exam. Read the main text, key info, Summary, Themes, Characters, Literary Devices, Quotations, Notes, to various questions of The Lake Isle of Innisfree.


I will arise and go now, for always night and day
I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore;
While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements grey
I hear it in the deep heart’s core.

These lines from W.B. Yeats‘s poem “The Lake Isle of Innisfree.” This poem is one of Yeats’ most famous works and is acclaimed for its lyrical beauty and a deep sense of yearning. In these lines, the speaker describes a strong desire to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and retreat to a tranquil place, the Lake Isle of Innisfree.

The poem starts with the speaker’s declaration that they will leave their current surroundings and journey to Innisfree. This decision is driven by the constant and soothing sounds of the lake water lapping against the shore. The speaker listens to these sounds both during the day and at night. They are a constant reminder of the peace and serenity found in nature.

The mention of standing “on the roadway, or on the pavements grey” emphasises the contrast between the urban environment, characterized by noise and concrete, and the natural beauty of Innisfree. The speaker dreams of the simplicity and tranquillity of the countryside, symbolized by the lake’s gentle sounds.

The concluding line, “I hear it in the deep heart’s core,” highlights the profound impact that the memory of Innisfree has on the speaker. It’s not just a physical journey but a spiritual one as well. The deep heart’s core conveys a deep, emotional longing for a connection to nature and a simpler life.

In termination, this quotation from Yeats’ poem describes themes of escapism, the beauty of nature, and the yearning for a more peaceful existence. It says to the universal human desire to find solace and meaning in the natural world, away from the complexities of modern life.