New Criticism

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New Criticism

New Criticism is a way of analyzing literature based on the text alone. This critical method emerged in the early to mid-20th century. It strongly highlights close reading and textual analysis. It seeks to understand a work of literature without considering external factors like the author’s biography or historical context. This approach encourages readers to examine the text itself for meaning and interpretation.

In reference to Sylvia Plath, New Criticism can be a valuable tool for analyzing her poetry. Sylvia Plath is famous for her confessional writing style. Her poems often delve into deeply personal and emotionally charged themes. New Criticism allows us to focus on her works’ language, structure, and symbolism, enabling a more nuanced understanding of her artistry.

For example, one can closely examine Plath’s use of imagery and metaphor in poems like “Morning Song” or “The Rival” to interpret the complex emotions and themes she explores. New Criticism would encourage readers to consider how her choice of words, symbols, and poetic techniques contributes to the poem’s overall meaning. In doing so, readers can admire the layers of significance in her work, such as motherhood and the complex emotions that come with it in “Morning Song”.

By adopting a New Critical perspective when analyzing Sylvia Plath’s writings, readers can gain a deeper appreciation for the complexities of her craft and the profound emotions she expressed in her poetry. This technique helps to separate the text from the author’s life and biography, focusing instead on the inherent qualities of the literary work itself.

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