Short note on The Origin of Species

Short note on The Origin of Species

Question: Write a short note on ‘The Origin of Species’.


The Origin of Species’ (1859) was a criticized scientific book in the Victorian period (1833-1901). This book was against Christian belief. By this book, many Victorian people were gone to the wrong way of life.

The author of ‘The Origin of Species’

‘The Origin of Species’ was written by Charles Darwin (1809-1882). Charles Robert Darwin was a naturalist, geologist, and biologist in his life. Basically, he was famous for this book and his theory, Darwinism.

The banned status of the book

The book was banned from the library of Trinity College, Cambridge, where Darwin was a student. Tennessee banned the teaching of the theory of evolution in schools in 1925; the law remained in force until 1967. This book also was banned in Yugoslavia in 1935 and in Greece in 1937.

The humorous idea of the book

Darwin says that “all organic beings that have lived on Earth could be descended from some primordial form” in ‘The Origin of Species’. According to him, a man comes from a monkey. This is nothing but a humorous idea.

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The view of modern people on ‘The Origins of Species’

One of the modern people says: ‘‘The Origins of Species was written for non-specialist readers which led to its widespread interest upon publication, making science accessible for those that weren’t involved in the field.’’


The theory of evolution was first conceived by natural selection, in Darwin’s book “The Origin of Species”. This is true that Victorian people were confused by the theory.

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