The Road Not Taken : summary

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The Road Not Taken is a notable literary work by Robert Frost. A complete discussion of this literary work is given, which will help you enhance your literary skills and prepare for the exam. Read the main text, key info, Summary, Themes, Characters, Literary Devices, Quotations, Notes, to various questions of The Road Not Taken.


The Road Not Taken is a masterpiece of Robert Frost (1874-1963). The poem is based on different options in our lives.

At the beginning of the poem, it is said that a man is standing in the forest. There are two diverging roads in front of him. That is, he is standing at the intersection of two roads. He is thinking about which way to go. He tries to see a road as far as the eye can see. Both roads seem the same to him, and he starts walking along one road.

After a while, he feels that he may have chosen the wrong path, and his life has changed a lot for choosing this path. He may never know what the other road would provide him in the journey of life. He decides to walk that road in the future.

This poem basically symbolizes our different options in life. The decisions we make affect our lives.